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Behind the mask

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Love me, that’s all I ask of you.

This is the story of Joanna West, a normal girl with a beautiful voice.

The story begins with her first day in a new school. It’s her first day and she meets a boy called Klaus Ingstrom. Joanna has never seen a boy like him, and she's interested at once. They talk and he decided to walk her home.

Klaus drops Joanna off a few blocks away from her house because he lives too far to walk the entire way. Once Klaus leaves and Joanna turns to march home, she hears a voice. A voice unlike any she's ever heard. It's melodic, manly, yet soft as a purr. And it's sad, so very sad.

Joanna's heart starts beating, and she moves like a machine towards that voice. Her hand is outstretched, her face pulsating warmth. She feels as if she needs to know who this voice belongs to. She breaks into a run, heading into the woods that surround the town with no idea that her life is about to change upside down once she discovers whose this voice is.

A Horror Story.
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